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Texelse Kunstenaars

Location of artwork: Museum Kaap Skil
Heemskerckstraat 9
1792 AA Oudeschild, Texel
Location number 11 (see map)



Texelse Kunstenaars

In the summer of 2018, scientist Dr Furu Mienis gave a presentation on her research into the functioning of often vulnerable ecosystems in the deep sea, such as cold-water coral reefs, sponge grounds and canyons. Meinis’ research covers a region of our planet about which we still know very little and which remains largely uncharted: the deep sea. Even so, there are plans to mine the deep sea. The seabed that covers so much of our planet is rich in raw materials that are used in products such as smartphones, tablets and computers, or in wind turbines and solar panels. Recent developments in deep-sea mining are causing scientists concern about the viability of vulnerable ecosystems. A group of fifteen Texel artists were inspired by Meinis’ research to produce creations drawing on their own disciplines and using different materials. These reflections depict the vulnerability of life in the deep sea. 


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Project SEA
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