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Spiracle - Zoro Feigl

Artwork is temporarily not part of SEA Art Tour!

Due to circumstances it was not possible to finish the artwork on time, we apologize for this. Currently, the artist Zoro Feigl is still completing his artwork.


Zoro Feigl

Just beyond the surf, among the waves, floats a half-hidden sculpture. The work consists of a floating circle eight metres in diameter. Attached to this circle are a hundred nozzles. The undulating movement of the water is magnified by the nozzles as if by a lens. Water is forced through the funnel by the pressure difference and sprays into the air as if from the blow-hole of a whale. The structure works entirely on the power and rhythm of the waves, and tries to navigate them. It sometimes looks as if a whole pod of whales are blowing air out at the same time, or as if the waves are operating a fountain.

Location Artwork: Waddenhaven Texel
Haven 26, 1792 AE Oudeschild
Location number 5 (see map)

Let op!


Constructions on site!

Location only accessible on foot. You are requested to park your car or bicycle at the indicated parking facilities (see map above).The artwork is a short 10 minute walk from the parking facilities. 

Yvo Witte

Yvo Witte, mechanical engineer:
‘There’s only one good place to learn about the technical work done at our institute, and that’s NIOZ itself! The scientists’ questions and the practical challenges posed by the work are so specific that there is no general training. I am mainly concerned with welding and construction work and the planning aboard the vessels. We work with scientists to devise solutions to their problems and then produce them ourselves. So when one scientist wanted to make a device to collect dust particles in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we had to consider how to keep such a structure in position. The cables under the Rijkswaterstaat’s floating buoys are 150 metres long at most, so we couldn’t learn anything from that; we had to go up to five kilometres below the surface! In that respect, artist Zoro Feigl might be a good fit in our team. Anything he can imagine, he can make!’

Anything you can imagine, you can make

Mechanical engineerYvo Wittedid his formal training at technical college, but his real training came later, in the NIOZ workshop. ‘The questions and problems raised by NIOZ scientists are so specific that there’s only one place you can study them.’

Floating workshop
The work of some NIOZ scientists takes place aboard the research vessel Pelagia. ‘This is the only Dutch vessel dedicated to ocean research. At 66 metres long, the Pelagia is a relatively small member of the international research fleet. This means that we can’t make our research structures too heavy either. Aboard the Pelagia, a piston corer, for example, which is used to take samples from the seabed, can’t weigh more than one and a half tonnes. It’s yet another challenge for us to make such a device very light but functional. To put not too fine a point on it, it’s a matter of copying colleagues’ work and then improving on it.’

Huge depths, long cables
Yvo also has special memories of the structures that he and his colleagues came up with in order to catch dust in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. ‘A dust collector is just the first step. Then of course you can mount it on a floating buoy, but how do you keep it in position over a depth of five kilometres? Our colleagues at Rijkswaterstaat have cables up to 150 metres long under their buoys, so we couldn’t learn anything from that. In the end, we managed to anchor various surface buoys to 5000-metre cables, and the research made it into a top scientific journal.’

More information about the work of Yvo and his colleagues can be found on the NIOZ website.

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